Edynamic Expert Series: Five Essential Questions on Content Marketing

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, 92% of marketers now deploy some kind of content marketing strategy, and 58% of B2B companies plan to increase their content budgets this year. As marketers increasingly adopt these strategies, however, they learn the one inalienable truth about content production: Making great content is hard!

We asked five top content marketing experts five questions on how they create engaging strategies for their audiences. In this book, you will find out how top content leaders approach their campaigns, who they read, and where they think we are going next.

  • Tommy Swanson

    Tommy Swanson
    Founder and CEO (and marketing fanatic), Stripes Agency
    "The Internet is going to continue becoming more personalized, more relevant, more human, and brands who recognize that trend are going to make a lot of money."

  • Brad Bortone

    Brad Bortone
    Marketing Editor and Writer (formerly of MarketingSherpa and Digital Marketer)
    "Companies that create content which reinforces the importance of their products or services, while still providing standalone value, will likely build customer relationships that last well beyond a standard marketing campaign."

  • Shelagh Braley

    Shelagh Braley
    CEO/Editor-in-Chief of GoalsCorp Media
    "In order to sell anything, there has to be a relationship forged – a trust and a credibility that makes people not only feel comfortable listening, but feel engaged and safe to come to you for help with their real-life problems."

  • Todd Lebo

    Todd Lebo
    CMO of Ascend2
    "This is an exciting time, as we are just beginning to realize the opportunities of content marketing to drive revenue and meet specific business goals."

  • Meghan Lockwood

    Meghan Lockwood
    Head of Content at edynamic (formerly of HubSpot and MarketingSherpa)
    "Great content marketers need to master a few different hats. You need the basics: Solid storytelling and an understanding of why people buy. Then, you need to be intuitive enough to watch where your audience is going, and facile and flexible enough to capitalize on these new trends."