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Demo: SOLISIT - Improve Engagement with Clients

Join us to learn how SOLISIT enables law firms to improve client engagement and create personalized digital experiences.

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Introducing SOLISIT - A Market Leading Digital Platform for Law Firms

Every law firm CMO we met recently asked us about client engagement. They are all endeavoring to come closer to and be personal with their clients, but only 2% of them are able to meet client expectations online.

Having worked with 5 of the AmLaw top 20 firms and armed with deep digital marketing expertise and experience in the legal industry, edynamic has developed a digital platform specially for law firms - SOLISIT.

SOLISIT is a digital platform that improves client engagement for law firms and allows them to create personalized digital experiences that drive revenue.

With SOLISIT’s ready-to-go assets, law firm marketers can rapidly launch digital solutions including corporate website, bio pages, mobile application, email campaigns and proposal generator.

Join the demo and find out more about this must have platform for law firms and create a competitive edge for your firm.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our brochure or visit our website to know more about SOLISIT.

Who should sign up for this demo?

This platform, SOLISIT, is ideally suited for law firm marketers seeking to better engage their clients.

For any questions or feedback, email us at solisit@edynamic.net

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