You can create email items, associate sample emails, import forms to your Sitecore instance from Pardot and maximize Pardot’s usage by integrating it with live web forms in Sitecore.

What it does

The email connector leverages the power of Pardot with Sitecore to help customers improve marketing effectiveness, generate high-quality sales-ready leads and drive revenue.

Solution Benefits

  • Manage and control your marketing automation tool forms from within Sitecore.
  • Store form submission/leads data in your Pardot database as well as Sitecore’s database.
  • Cross-leverage leads data from imported form submissions for personalization and targeted campaigns from your marketing automation tool.
  • Personalized campaigns using content and context from Sitecore.
  • Deliver targeted content to website visitors while ensuring the right content reaches the right person at the right time
  • Enable single view of the customer through storage of prospect data in Sitecore from Pardot, CRM, Social and other platforms.
  • Customize interactions in Sitecore based on a visitor’s profile, interests and actions across channels.

What the Sitecore-Pardot Connector can do for you


  • Deliver rich text features to Pardot’s email campaigns in a single click from Sitecore.
  • Nurture website leads via email campaigns by integrating email templates stored in Sitecore with Pardot.
  • Map Sitecore email items to respective campaigns.
  • Browse email items in Sitecore on the basis of ‘Email Group’ and/or ’Email Folder’.
  • Personalize both campaigns and your website by integrating data from your marketing automation tool with Sitecore.

How will you benefit

  • Instant email creation using web content creation feature of Sitecore.
  • Dynamic content changes in emails are quick and easy.
  • Personalization in emails can be done on the basis of customer profile data.
  • Lead scoring can be done and tracked within Sitecore.

Learn how it works

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